Is the deposit refundable?

No, the deposit is nonrefundable.  If you cancel outside of 40 days from your event date, we can apply your deposit to another date or time.  If you cancel within 40 days of your event, you forfeit your deposit. No exceptions.



How much time do we get to set-up? How early can vendors come for set-up?

Set-up time is 1 hour. If there is an event prior to yours, consider that the guests from the event will be leaving at the time your event set-up begins. Our staff clean the playground for the first 30 minutes and can then assist you with your event set-up.


Can we set-up earlier if there isn’t a party before us?

Yes, you can set-up earlier however you would need to purchase the additional time and notify us in advance.



How do we book an event with you?

Once we have confirmed that the date and time you are interested in is available, you would need to provide a $600 nonrefundable deposit to formally book your event.  You do not need to confirm the package you are getting, your event theme or your guest count until 2 weeks before the event.


Cake Table/Décor:

Is décor or cake table included in any of the event packages?

Other than the kid’s table décor (which is included in the “Oh You Fancy Huh” and “Lavish Affair” packages, no décor or cake table items are included in our packages.  If you are interested in us quoting you for a cake table, please contact us directly to discuss in person or over the phone.


How much does a cake table cost?

Cake Table and Event Décor can vary, we have orchestrated events ranging from $1,500 to $20,000+.  Please consider that the current starting price for a basic cake table is $2,000.  Please note that this price is subject to change based on cost variations from our vendors.


Socks/Shoes Policy:

Do you provide socks to our party guests, or do we need to provide it?

We can provide socks to your party guests.  The cost of socks is $3 each.  You are also welcomed to bring your own socks to provide to your guests.


Do all the guests have to wear socks at the venue?

No, your guests are not required to wear socks outside or in the adult seating section of the playground.  However, all children and adults must be wearing socks in the play area.  Absolutely no shoes in the play area, even if it’s for a minute. Toddlers crawl on the playground floor space and it needs to always remain clean. No exceptions.



How many tables and chairs do you provide?

We have 4 adult tables and 36 chairs for seating inside.  We have 4 adult tables and 32 chairs outside.  We also have 2 bistro tables outside with an additional 3 chairs each as well as a couch and 2 arm chairs for lounge seating outside.  We also have 2 tables and 24 kid’s chairs.  The kid’s tables and chairs can be set-up inside or outside.


Can the adult tables and chairs be moved?

No, we do not move the adult tables and chairs.  If host chooses to rent other seating, they would also be responsible for moving our tables and chairs and them moving them back to their original place.



Can we rent additional tables and chairs? 

Yes, you can rent additional tables and chairs.  Please note that any rentals need to be dropped off no earlier than 1 hour before your event start time and be picked up no later than 1 hour after your event start time unless you have purchased additional time for set-up and clean-up. We are not responsible for rental orders placed by our clients.


Can we rent linens, chargers, plates, napkins, cups, and utensils to set-up for adult tables?

You can rent linens, chargers, plates, napkins, cups, and utensils for the adult tables.  However, we are not responsible for setting up these rentals or packing them away.  Party helpers are there to assist with basic party assistance (checking in guests, loading drink buckets, set-up kid’s table, assisting with cake ceremony, etc.).  They are not responsible to assist with rentals.  Please plan accordingly.



Do you allow alcohol?

Yes, we do allow alcohol as all our events are private parties and it is up to the host if they choose to serve alcohol to their guests.  Please note that all states prohibit providing alcohol to persons under 21.  Each host is responsible for their guest’s alcohol consumption.


Do you provide beverage tubs for our drinks?

We provide beverage tubs for your drinks.


Do you provide ice?

We do not provide ice.



Do you allow for us to use your refrigerator or drop off drinks in advance?

We do not have refrigerator space available for use other than to hold a sheet cake. Drinks and ice need to be dropped off no earlier than 1 hour before the party. Our staff will assist in putting the drinks in beverage tubs with ice.


Can we drop off party items before our party?

We can accept 1 labeled box of items for your event one day in advance. No exceptions.


Additional Guests:

Why do we pay for additional guests?

Because additional guests mean there is more event clean up, more plates/cups/napkins/utensils used, more coffee /tea consumed, and more children in the play area. Based on the number of additional guests, we may increase the number of staff to accommodate a larger event.


Do you provide extra pizza for additional kids?

We do not provide extra pizza for additional kids.  However, you can order additional pizza from our pizza vendor.  Please let a staff member know and we can let you know the cost of the additional pizza.


Cake Cutting:

What time is the cake cutting?

Cake cutting is done approximately 1 hour before the event end time.  That allows us enough time to cut and serve the cake and for guests to enjoy some coffee and tea before they leave.


Do you provide candles?

We can provide the sparkler candles at a fee of $3 each.



Do you have an audio system?

Yes, we have an audio system with speakers inside.


Can we have music outside?

No, we are not allowed to play music outside as there are residential buildings nearby and we do not want to disturb the occupants. No exceptions.


What kind of music can we play?

We can play any kind of music you like.  Let us know and we can find a suitable playlist on YouTube to get your party started!


Can you play music during the cake cutting?

Yes, we put a “happy birthday” song during the cake cutting.  If there is another song you prefer, please let us know in advance.


Can we bring a DJ?

Yes, you can bring a DJ.  However, the DJ would need to be set-up inside.


Event Clean-up:

What time do your staff begin the event clean-up?

Staff begin the event clean up about 20 minutes prior to the event end time.  They begin taking the cake table down and packing left over food as well as bringing left over drinks and birthday presents to the front of the entrance.



Do you provide tin foil trays, foil, saran wrap, or doggy bags for left-over food?

We can provide these items; however, we charge a fee per item.  Therefore, we urge clients to bring their own items to pack leftovers in.



What if it rains? Do you tent outside?

We are not responsible for weather conditions. We do not tent outside if it rains, and we cannot change the date of the event if it rains.


Do you provide umbrellas if it’s too hot outside?

We are not responsible for weather conditions. We do not provide umbrellas or shade if it is too hot outside.


Activity Vendors:

Do you allow bouncy houses?

We do allow bouncy houses outside, however your vendor will need to provide a power source such as a generator.


Do you allow party characters that do balloon twisting or face painting?

Yes, we do allow all kinds of party characters.


Do you allow bubble shows?

We do allow bubble shows as long as it is performed on a tarp.  We don’t allow bubble machines as it is a slip and fall risk.



Do you allow outside food?

We allow all kinds of outside food vendors; however, we are not able to have food vendors with grills that have open flames.


Do you provide serving platters, serving utensils or chaffing dishes?

No, every host is responsible for bringing the items they need to serve their food.



Are we able to smoke outside?

No, you are not able to smoke outside.  The outdoor patio area is part of our entire playground and you and your guests are not allowed to smoke in this area.  No exceptions.


Do you allow Hookah outside?

No, you are not allowed to smoke hookah outside.  The outdoor patio area is part of our entire playground and you and your guests are not allowed to smoke hookah in this area.  No exceptions.


Goodie Bags:

What do you put in your goodie bags?

We put 4 items per goodie bag.  We can do boy items, girl items or unisex items. We do not use candy, only toys and small activities sets. The items can vary based on what we have available at the time of your event.


Are the goodie bag items based on the party theme?

No, the goodie bag items vary but aren’t purchased based on each client’s party theme.  The goodie bag is however decorated, or color based on your event theme.


Adding Party Time:

Are we able to add time to a party package?

Depending on the day and time of your party, you may be able to add time.  For example, for weekday parties, you can generally add time to your package.  However, this needs to be confirmed in advance so that we can assure if your time is available.  For weekend parties, the first party of the day can add time by starting earlier and the last party of the day can add time by ending later.  However, the middle party is limited to a maximum of 2 ½ hours.


Booking 2 Time Slots:

Can we book 2 time slots?

You can book 2 time slots for weekend parties. You would need to book 2 of the same packages. It cannot be the Simple and Chic package.


If we book 2 time slots, does that mean our allotted guest count doubles?

No, your guests count remains the same and you are still responsible for paying for the additional guests outside of the package count.


If we book 2 time slots, how do we decide on the event time?

When booking 2 time slots, please contact us to confirm your event start and end time. This depends on the package you choose and if you are interested in adding time.


Event Helpers:

Can the event helpers serve food or drinks?

The event helpers are not waiters or bartenders.  They are not responsible for serving food or drinks.


Can the event helpers blow up balloons or hang decorations?

Due to liability reasons, event helpers cannot blow up balloons or use ladders to hang up decorations.  This is the responsibility of the host.



How is the coffee and tea station?

The coffee and tea station are set-up inside next to the 2 tables for food. It is offered in the “Oh You Fancy Huh” and “Lavish Affair” package.  It is a self-serve station.  We provide foam cups, creamer, sugar and stirrers.


Package Information:

What kind of plates, cups, napkins, and utensils do you provide in the “Oh You Fancy Huh” and “Lavish Affair Package”?

We provide white paper plates, white paper napkins, clear plastic cups and clear plastic utensils to the adults.  For the kid’s, we provide theme paper or plastic plates and matching napkins, cups, utensils, and straws.


Can you credit me if I do not want something from my chosen package?

Yes, we can credit one item from the package a host chooses.  Please notify us in advance so we can inform you of the credit amount.


Who is the face painter/glitter tattoo person?

Our employee provides the face painting and glitter tattoo services for the children.  Please keep in mind that we do not provide a professional face painter.  The employee announces the service and set-ups an section in the play area for the kids.


Do we get a discount if we have less than the number of guests included in a package?

No, we do not provide discounts for smaller parties. You must still choose a package and confirm guest count 2 weeks prior to your event.



Is valet optional?

No, valet is not optional.  The valet service is there for every party.  The host must decide if they would like to host the valet or have their guests pay on their own.  Valet price per vehicle is $7.  This price does not include gratuity which is up to each person’s discretion.  If the host chooses, they can host valet and pay $180 for up to 30 vehicles.  Please note that Live Love Play is not affiliated with the valet company.  Payment to the valet company must be in cash.


Not Allowed:

Is there anything that you do not allow for events?

We do not allow confetti of any kind, pinatas, bowls of chips and any kind of candy passed out during parties. No exceptions.


Do you allow gender reveals?

If you are interested in doing a gender reveal, please contact us and we can quote you a price.  Pricing for gender reveal depends on the type of gender reveal and the clean-up required and can start from $150 and go up.